inheritence vs. equal opportunities

startequal aims to shed light on the relation between inheritence and equal opportunities in life. It promotes the idea that an abolition of inheritance or a high inheritence tax rate regime is a precondition for (more) equal opportunities. The platform provides analysis and a repository of articles to contribute to the debate of how to counter the rising inequalities levels from a social-liberal perspective.


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Analysis & Proposals

Find our own analysis and policy proposals for a more liberal and just inheritance legislation below.


Feudalism: A thing of the past?

A short review of the history of feudalism in the Middle Ages is insightful for the inheritance debate in two very different ways. On the one hand, we can see

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Share of inherited wealth in private wealth - Sweden
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Wealth Share of Richest 1 % - USA
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Effective Inheritance Tax Rate (after exemptions, avoidance, etc.) - Germany
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Background on Inheritance

Find a curated selection of media and science articles on issues around inheritance, wealth and income inequality, taxation, family business sucession, and more below


A hated tax, but a fair one

NO TAX is popular. But one attracts particular venom. Inheritance tax is routinely seen as the least fair by Britons and Americans. This hostility spans income brackets. Indeed, surveys suggest

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We are a community of people from different places and backgrounds united by the believe that inheritance and inequality are inherently linked.

We are a loose network of individuals and organisations interested in the inequality-inheritence nexus, powering this website, and pushing for change. We are open and looking forward to further interested parties to join the movement. There is various ways to contribute.
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